Make High Quality Colloidal Silver with The PyraMed

PyraMed Made in Britain

The advantages of using the PyraMed

The PyraMed uses Microchip electronics to ensure quality and reliability

Ease of use

The PyraMed is supplied as a 'system', which includes the generator, lab. grade beaker, mains adapter and high purity electrodes.


By using professional manufacturers, the components of the PyraMed use ony high quality materials and components.


Because only high quality materials are used, the PyraMed has a high degree of reliability. Technical help is however only a phone call away - see our contact section below.


PyraMed MX

PyraMed MX Colloidal Silver Generator System with Universal Mains Adapter

PyraMed KT1

PyraMed KT1 Colloidal Silver Generator System with UK mains adapter

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