Colloidal Silver Generator UK

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Colloidal Silver Generators and Accessories

The PyraMed KT3 is available as a System which consists of the following:

PyraMed CS1 Colloidal Silver Generator

600ml borosilicate lab. grade beaker

Mains Adapter

High purity (99.99%) Silver Electrodes

Comprehensive operating instructions

Features of the CS1 Colloidal Silver Generator:

Microcontroller electronics

Micro particle colloidal silver generator

Powered from 12V DC source

Switching regulator provides 35V electrode supply

Automatic polarity reversal ensures homogeneous solution, and even electrode wear

Firmware control for automatic switching of electrode supply ensures small particle size

Measurement of concentration of nano silver during the production process

Software routines measure the concentration at switch-on, ensuring that the production process will not commence unless distilled water has been used.

Automatic end-of-cycle with indication and audio output

Tyndall effect LED optic built-in gives verification of true colloidal silver

PyraMed KT3 nano silver maker designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

12 months parts and labour warranty

Innovative design

Patent applied for


The KT3 is available with either a UK mains adapter, or multiple head adapter for International use.

Colloidal Silver Generator UK

KT3 Price: £159.00

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Water Distiller, Model 100SSE

Features & Convenience:

High Quality: The entire Steam Chamber including dome and condensing coil) is 100% Stainless Steel, Grade 304, (also known as 18/8), the most widely used and versatile of all the stainless grades.)

High Efficiency: Can make up to 16 Litres per day. (4 cycles) Easy & Safe: Push a single button to start. Thermostatically controlled to automatically switch off

Space Saving, Durable & Portable: At under 4 Kg you can easily take it with you on vacations or travels!

Ease of Maintenance: Easy to clean. No need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges

White Baked-Enamel metal exterior model matches standard white kitchen appliances.

Top Quality Break-Resistant Food-Grade Polypropylene Collection/Serving Pitcher (BPA Free)


Output: Over 16 Litres per Day (4 cycles)

Size: 20 cm; Width X 36 cm Height

Weight: 3.5 Kg

Boiling Chamber: 4 Litre capacity, Stainless Steel including Dome

Collection Container: 4 Litre capacity, Break-Resistant, Food Grade, (BPA-FREE),

Polypropylene. 18 cm x 18 cm, (20 cm with lid)

Power Source: Standard AC 240V/50Hz. (For UK, Ireland and other countries using the Type G British three-pin rectangular blade electric plug.)

Power Consumption: 580W (total)

Water Distiller

100E Price: £179.00

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Please allow 7 days for delivery

Perfect companion for the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator.

High Purity Silver Electrodes, AG9999

99.99% silver

UK supplier

Supplied as a pair

Dimensions: 2 mm x 120 mm each electrode

PyraMed Silver Electrodes

AG9999 Price: £18.50

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Please allow 7 days for delivery

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