Colloidal Silver

The Bible on NanoBioSilver, by R. Barry King PhD

Extract from The Bible on NanoBioSilver: “Silver was the mainstay of defence against infection until the invention of penicillin in the 1930s. Then, silver was relegated to a back seat in deference to the more profitable antibiotics of the modern era. But, that turn of events has stalled with the development of antibiotic-resistant organisms….today modern medicine is returning to silver for its powerful effects against infections and contagious diseases. All the burn clinics of the world utilize silver for the sterilization of burn wounds. Surgeries are using silver-impregnated bandaging. Silver is used in Band-AidsTM to combat infection. Silver is utilized in the delivery room for treatment of an infant’s eyes to prevent infection…”

Colloidal Silver, Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture by John Hill

Herbal Medicine

Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, by Thomas Bartram

A mine of information, highly recommended. Example entry for Zinc:

“Trace element essential at every stage of life from the cradle to the grave. Involved in the production of over 80 hormones. A necessary component in a number of enzyme systemsthat regulate metabolic activities in animals and plants…

“Helps form enzymes that enable proteins to become building blocks for new cells. Its effects include the healing of wounds, fertility, and stimulation of the immune system.

Sources. Red meat, liver, dairy produce, egg yolk, herrings….whole-grain flour, brown rice….onions, garlic….A high protein diet is necessary to enhance the body’s ability to utilize zinc. Citrus fruits increase, while wheaten products decrease absorption of zinc.

Notes. A diet rich in vitamins B6 and C requires less zinc. Coffee and alcohol inhibit absorption (alcohol flushes zinc out of the liver into the urine).

RDA (recommended daily amount): 15 mg.”

Mind/Body Health

In Search of The Elixir of Personal Transformation, by Jan Ellan Bows

Several dance forms are explored, some related to theatrical training, others to yoga, circle dance and body posture. It is clear the author has a wide experience of several forms, and explores what might be called an ‘inner meaning’ to forms which are often thought of as purely artistic or therapeutic. The last chapter has a special vitality, since the Sacred Dances of Gurdjieff are brought fairly and squarely into view. This brings a new dimension to the philosophy of dance, one which places great emphasis on personal evolution.


The Body Electric, By Dr. Robert Becker

Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine, By Dr. Robert Becker


The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg

Over the last 220 years society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is “safe” for humanity and the planet. Scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this conviction by telling the story of electricity in a way that has never been told before – from an environmental point of view.

Extract from Chapter 16, Birds, Bees, Trees and Humans:

“It must not be forgotten, warns german biologist Ulrich Warnke, that every insect is equipped with a pair of antennas, which are demonstrably electromagnetic sensors [1]. In fact the signals communicated between honey bees when they meet and touch antennas can be recorded on an oscilloscope and appear to be frequency modulated between 180 Hz and 250 Hz [2].

And the famous wiggle dance, Warnke reminds us, by means of which honey bees tell each other the precise direction of food sources with respect to the sun, depends on their knowing the exact position of the sun, even on cloudy days, and within the darkness of the hive. Bees accomplish this feat by sensing minute variations in the earth’s magnetic field – a sense, he says that can be rendered useless under the assault of wireless transmissions with their constantly changing magnetic fields [3].

The quickest way to destroy a beehive, investigators have found is to place a wireless telephone inside it. The results of such experiments, considering the complete denial by our society that wireless technology has any environmental effects at all, have been almost unbelievable.

In 2009, environmental scientist Ved Parkash Sharma and zoologist Neelima Kumar, at Punjab University in India, placed two cell phones each – one in talk mode and one in listening mode in order to maintain the connection – in two of four hives. They turned them on at 11:00 in the morning for 15 minutes, and at 3:00 in the afternoon for another 15 minutes. They did this twice a week between February and April. as soon as the phones were turned on the bees would become quiet and still ” as if unable to decide what to do.”

During the course of three months fewer and fewer bees flew in and out of those two hives. The number of eggs laid by the queen declined from 546 to 145 per day. The area under brood declined from 2,866 to 760 square centimeters. Honey stores declined from 3,200 to 400 square centimeters. “At the end of the experiment there was neither honey, nor pollen nor brood nor bees in the colony resulting in complete loss of the colony” [4].

The following year Kumar performed a landmark experiment ….that showed dramatically and simply how electromagnetic fields interfere with cellular metabolism. She repeated the exposure of the previous year and then analysed the bees’ blood, or hemolymph, as it is called. After the cell phones had been on for only ten minutes, the concentration of glucose, cholesterol, total carbohydrates, total lipids and total protein rose tremendously. In other words, after just ten minutes of exposure to cell phones, the bees practically could not metabolize sugars, proteins or fats. As in humans, their cells were becoming oxygen starved. But it happens much faster in bees.”


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Video with Dr. Thomas Cowan

Video with Dr. Devra Davis (University of Melbourne)

Esoteric perspectives – G.I. Gurdjieff

p. 1057: “My experiments, from the very beginning, brought me an incalculable number of proofs of all kinds, both for myself and for others, that the omnipresent substance Okidanokh is a part of the common presence of the atmosphere of our planet, and evidently of the presence of the atmosphere of other planets as well, and that it takes part in the arising of all planetary and surplanetary formations…..the cosmic substance Okidanokh is nonetheless an indispensable and even predominant part of the presence of each planet.

p. 1058: “And later my experiments also showed me that, thanks to the common universal equilibrium, this cosmic substance is concentrated in every system in a strictly corresponding proportion, and is also distributed in strictly determined proportions among the atmospheres of all the planets of the given system. Consequently, whenever this universal substance is used up in any part of atmospheric space, either by accident or design, it must without fail be replenished to restore the equilibrium of its proportions in the atmosphere, and this takes place by the flowing in of this substance from other places. And this balancing transposition of Okidanokh must be effected not only from one place to another in the atmosphere of each planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to that of another, if in this other, for some reason, more than its established norm is used up.

…”Finally, I very definitely made clear to my Reason from every aspect, and proved to others, that the omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh, present in our atmosphere and constantly being replenished, is necessary for the common presence of our planet and is the most important factor for every kind of arising and maintenance of existence, and also that the essence of every “relatively independent” intra-planetary and surplanetary formation, as well as the essence of beings of every brain-system and external coating, depends on this substance, and I even proved that the possibility for three-brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively on this substance.

p. 1059: ” I repeat, as a result of all my experimental elucidations, I very definitely cognized for myself, and acquired indisputable data for proving from every aspect to all the beings like myself around me, that the destruction of the omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh in the presence of our planet and of its atmosphere is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the labors and results of the Most Sacred First Cause of everything that exists …

p. 1060: “They have named the totality and the separate parts of this substance, sacred for them also, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and reciprocal destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance ‘electricity’…And indeed, although several times in earlier epochs they had already discovered—of course, thanks always to an accidental chain of circumstances—various means of extracting from the nature of their planet, and using for their various, as I have called them, ‘naively egoistic aims’, the separate parts of this omnipresent substance, absolutely necessary for normal cosmic processes, yet never have they destroyed so much of it as in recent times.


G. I. Gurdjieff.  All and Everything, First Series, An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man, Or Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. Revised Edition, 2005. Tarcher/Penguin. ISBN 1-58542-457-9

See also Original Edition published in 1950, and the facsimile reprint in 1993, Two Rivers Press (ISBN 0-89756-022-1).

Chronic Electrical IllnessChapter 5, The Invisible Rainbow:

“Today when million-volt power lines course through the countryside, twelve thousand volt lines divide every neighbourhood, and sets of thirty ampere circuit breakers watch over every home, we tend to forget what the natural situation really is. None of us can begin to imagine what it would feel like to live on an unwired earth….our cells, like puppets on invisible strings, have not been given a second’s rest from the electric vibrations. The gradual increase in voltage during the past century and a half has been only a matter of degree. but the sudden overwhelming of the earth’s own nurturing fields, during the first few decades of technological free-for-all, had a drastic impact on the very character of life.”

Firstenberg goes on to describe various sections of society affected by electricity, including telephone operators:

p. 60: “Telephone operators too, often suffered permanent injury to their health. Ernst Beyer wrote that out of 35 telephone operators that he had treated during a five-year period, not a single one had been able to return to work. Herman Engel had 119 such patients, P. Bernhardt had over 200. German physicians routinely attributed this illness to electricity. And after reviewing dozens of such publications, Karl Schilling, in 1915, published a clinical description of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of illness caused by chronic exposure to electricity. These patients typically had headaches and dizziness, tinnitus and floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, pains in the region of the heart, and palpitations. They felt weak and exhausted and were unable to concentrate. They could not sleep. They were depressed and and anxiety attacks. They has tremors. Their reflexes were elevated, and their sense were hyper. Sometimes their thyroid was hyperactive. Occasionally after long illness , their heart was enlarged. Similar descriptions would come throughout the 20th century from doctors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada [1].”


1. Gelle 1889; Castex 1897a, b; Politzer 1901; Tommasi 1904; Blegvad 1907; Department of Labour, Canada 1907; Heijermans 1908; Julliard 1910; Thebault 1910; Butler 1911; Capart 1911; Fontegne 1918; Picaud 1949; Le Guillant1956; Yassi 1989.

Department of Labour, Canada. 1907. Report of the Royal Commission on a Dispute Respecting Hours of Employment between the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, Ltd. and Operators at Toronto, Ont. Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau.

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