Colloidal Silver Generators

The PyraMed uses the electrical method of silver electrodes in distilled water for the production of colloidal silver. The PyraMed range of colloidal silver generators for sale from SciTron Healing includes the PyraMed KT1 and the PyraMed MX. The MX has a universal mains adapter for use in Europe, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

PyraMed colloidal silver generator
      The PyraMed

The PyraMed range of colloidal silver generators require steam distilled water in order to produce a high quality product. Several water distillers are available in the on-line shop, depending on the volume of pure water required.

pure water distiller PyraMed
     Pure Water Distiller

Options are also available to enhance the function of the PyraMed, such as an Analog Output Port. This option allows connection to a digital multimeter or computer data logger. The ionic concentration of the silver can then be viewed at any time during the production process. The total silver content (TC) is a combination of the ionic and colloidal forms, both of which are produced during production.

Analog Out PyraMed
Analog Out Port

Colloidal silver has antibiotic, antiviral and fungicidal properties, and so it can be used to treat a number of pathogens.

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