PyraMed MX Colloidal Silver Generator with Universal Mains Adapter


PyraMed MX Colloidal Silver Generator System with Universal Mains Adapter

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PyraMed MX Colloidal Silver Generator

The PyraMed colloidal silver generator is controlled by microchip electronics, and is programmed to produce a high quality form of colloidal silver known as Aquasilver [1]. The electronics program controls many important features such as silver concentration and water quality. An auto stop function switches off the electrode supply on completion. This makes the PyraMed one of the best colloidal silver generators on the market. It is powered from a lightweight 12 volt dc supply, which operates from any mains voltage between 90 and 240 volts ac.

The PyraMed MX consists of the following components:

  • PyraMed CS1 Colloidal Silver Generator:

PyraMed colloidal silver generator

  • 600ml borosilicate lab. grade beaker.
  • Universal Mains Adapter for use in the U.S.A., Australia, Europe and the UK:
PyraMed universal mains adapter
PSU2 90-240 volts AC I/P. 12 volts DC O/P 500 mA. 2.1 mm DC power plug, centre -ve
  • High purity (99.99%) Silver Electrodes.
  • Comprehensive operating instructions.

Features of the PyraMed CS1:

  • Microcontroller electronics
  • Microparticle colloidal silver generator
  • Powered from 12V DC source
  • A switching regulator provides 35V electrode supply.
  • Automatic polarity reversal ensures homogeneous solution and even electrode wear
  • The production of colloidal silver will begin after the electronics has tested for good quality distilled water. Tap water contains contaminants and should not be used [2][3].
  • Silver concentration is automatically measured during the production cycle.
  • A blue LED on the front panel of the PyraMed displays the ppm value.
  • Firmware control for automatic switching of electrode supply ensures small particle size.

    colloidal silver small particle size pyramed
    Electron Microscope Image of colloidal silver produced with the PyraMed.
  • Automatic end-of-cycle with indication and audio output.
  • Tyndall effect LED optic built-in gives verification of true colloidal silver.
  • PyraMed MX nanosilver maker designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty.
  • Innovative design.Part of the design philosophy of the PyraMed is to ensure that distilled water has been used. In this way the particles of silver do not combine with dissolved solids to produce silver salts. Silver chloride is an example of a silver salt, and can occur when small quantities of residual chlorine are present [2].Some colloidal silver generator devices on the market do not discriminate about what kind of water is used. By testing for good quality water, the PyraMed technology ensures that only distilled water is used.
    Pure water distiller
    Pure Water Distiller

    By using distilled water and high purity silver electrodes, a form of colloidal silver is produced known as Aquasilver [1]. The current flowing between the electrodes depends on the dimensions of the cell and the conductivity of the water. The computer code stores these dimensions as constants which form part of the firmware design.

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    Drinking Water

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 15 cm





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